Oh hey! 

I'm Brianna. Or bree. I swear I introduce myself differently each time, don't let it confuse you, I'll answer to anything.  

That's my fiancè and up there^^ We starting dating in high school and 8 years later I still manage to get butterflies over him.  We live in a super cute house in a small town outside of Oklahoma City.  We have a love for all things outdoors and are overly obsessed with our lab and two cats.  No lie. Please bring your pups to your session, I am MORE than ok with it.  I'm a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan so we may not get along if you cheer on Golden State (totally kidding... kind of :P)  My family is everything to me.  I treat my nibblings (it's a real word google it!) like they are my own children and will talk about them as such. Give me all of the old 90's pop and r&b love songs + anything else because I love it all. If you can't tell by this mess of a bio, I am awkward as f** so don't for any reason be intimidated.  I'm terrible with words so my love language is gift giving or acts of service. I'm pretty shy and hate attention on me but I become a different person when I enter work mode.  I got into photography by complete accident and I am SO happy I did.  I've got to create new friendships and rekindle old ones thanks to this journey and it's been the most rewarding experience.  I get to capture memories that last a lifetime in a creative way.  I am thankful for each relationship and place it takes me too.