"Behind the Scenes"


Yay!  We get to make some magic together!  I can't wait to work with you!  

I get asked so many questions about couples sessions and how they work.  "Will you pose us?" "We don't know what to do." or "We are so awkward and nervous! What should we expect?" Well don't worry, because I made a video version of a couples shoot!  What is that you say?  Instead of someone videoing me photographing people.. I decided just to video the session as I would photograph it. I had the couple do the same things I would when photographing them.  My photography works the same way as video in the fact that I love movement.  I direct and guide you into poses, and then you take it and make it yours.    I'll tell you to kiss each other on the cheeks, nose, elbows,  lift her up and spin around, plus a bunch of other weird things.  

Keep in mind, it's not about the kiss, it's about the moments before and after.  I'll make you do goofy things to get those fun reactions out of the both of you.  Don't hold back emotion, if you feel like bursting out that obnoxious laugh you better do it, because I only have so many  dumb jokes. ;)   

I know each and every couple is different, and that means the vibes you bring to your shoot will be different than the two in the video.  I'll work with whatever vibe you give me, whether it be soft spoken and mushy, or goofy and exciting.  

When you watch the video, you'll see that they never really stop moving, they are just in the moment with each other, not worried about their hair blowing in their faces or any of that jazz.  I froze different moments throughout the video to show you the kinds of images I'd be able to capture if it were a photography session, so the video itself is not freezing, that was on purpose. haha.  I could've done a lot more but I figured you'd get the idea.  Some frozen moments may be blurry, so don't judge me on my videography skills. haha.  It was also incredibly cold while we did this, so I had them stay close and cuddled a lot.  

It's a full session, so it's pretty long, but this way you can get an idea of how I work with couples.  I hope it gets you excited and loosens those nerves a bit for your session coming up!  

Enjoy!  Xx