Cape Kiwanda Lovin'

Deciding to ditch the traditional routes in Oklahoma, Hannah and Nick sold all of their belongings, bought a small RV and headed north to Oregon to explore the outdoors and live an adventurous lifestyle.  

My Fianceé and I were able to spend the weekend with them while in town and thanks to Nick got a personal tour of all things Portland.  We hit all the hot spots in the city in just one day, checking the views, dining at the amazing restaurants, and refreshing at the local breweries.  I am still drooling over the food.  After a night of the city we headed north to Astoria and down the coast to Cape Kiwanda where we did a little love session.  Literally anywhere you go in Oregon is out of a magazine, but the light on the shore is hard to beat.  We camped out and enjoyed an evening of some more drinks and laughter under the stars all while getting to witness the love these two had.  They were so genuine and into each other you couldn't help but smile when you are with them.  They are the up for anything type and always so in tuned with life and enjoying every bit of what it has to offer.  

After a couple of years of living in the mountains and on the road, Nick and Hannah will be moving back to Oklahoma this month to continue their goals of bringing the vibes of Oregon back to home.  Hannah will continue her work in the wedding industry doing amazing hair and makeup.  (seriously. girls. hit. her. up.)  Cannot wait to get back with them when they get here and keep the good times going.   



La Push Beach Engagement

 I got to experience the PNW for the first time this summer and man was it more than I had expected.  I attended a workshop called Alpine Northwest in Port Angeles,Washington. For those of you that don't know Port Angeles,  it's basically Forks, Washington.  I didn't know this until we got to the beach and all of the girls started saying "this is where Twilight was filmed!"  haha.  It was a 4 day trip I will never forget.  Running around La Push beach with 45 + other awesome photogs, learning from the best like India Earl, Melissa Marshall, and Annie Graham, and soaking up the views of La Push beach and the west coast.  Megan and Landon were the coolest people ever. This blog title probably should just be "hair goals" because... obvious.  Loved getting to know them around lunch and our group chats, such a sweet couple and freaking beautiful models.   I wish I could take full credit for these images but a lot of people went into these.  Huge thanks to Alpine Northwest for hosting a killer workshop and these two awesome people for making me look good.  For those of you actually reading this i'm sorry at how poor my writing is. :P 

Emily + Korbin

Emily and Korbin won a session with me on Instagram what feels like forever ago!  We planned to take some pictures in the snow but thanks to Oklahoma we never were able to make that happen.  Having a short time frame to get them done along some last minute planning, we decided to head to the Wichita Mountains because they never disappoint!  Korbin is from Utah so our little hills weren't too impressive for him, but Mt. Scott definitely gave him something to talk about.

I really lucked out with Emily and Korbin!  They were so sweet and willing to do anything!  Not to mention they trooped through the crazy cold and windy weather we had that day.  My fingers were legit numb by the end of the shoot.  So shout out to them for being awesome. 

Blogging is hard, I never know what to say because i'm awkward enough already. haha.

 Hope you love them~


Brandi + Justin In home session

 Saturday mornings are a sacred time in the Debruin household.  Relaxing with their precious dude and making fresh coffee with their chemex pour over coffee maker.  I had never heard of one of those before but I am definitely planning on getting one now.  I'm not sure if it was the fresh grounds, the homemade whipped cream, or just their special touch that made the coffee so delicious, either way it was really good.  

Enough about the coffee maker already.  

I shot Brandi and Justin's wedding in the spring of 2015 in Tulsa.  To this day they were one of my favorite couples to work with because of how sweet and easy going they are.  It felt like it rained about 10 inches the day of their wedding, but that didn't stop them from enjoying it all, and I absolutely loved that. 

Now they have an adorable little guy who seems to be the happiest baby in the world.  He's best buds with Rupert (the cutest dachshund ever) and I think now has a new love for mom's whipped cream.  


To Brandi and Justin, thank you for asking me to document such special moments of you and your awesome family.  I enjoyed every minute capturing your Saturday morning as it unfolded and meeting sweet Bennet.  I can't wait to continue to watch your family grow and do awesome things!  You guys are the best. 

:)Enjoy, Bree