Emily + Korbin

Emily and Korbin won a session with me on Instagram what feels like forever ago!  We planned to take some pictures in the snow but thanks to Oklahoma we never were able to make that happen.  Having a short time frame to get them done along some last minute planning, we decided to head to the Wichita Mountains because they never disappoint!  Korbin is from Utah so our little hills weren't too impressive for him, but Mt. Scott definitely gave him something to talk about.

I really lucked out with Emily and Korbin!  They were so sweet and willing to do anything!  Not to mention they trooped through the crazy cold and windy weather we had that day.  My fingers were legit numb by the end of the shoot.  So shout out to them for being awesome. 

Blogging is hard, I never know what to say because i'm awkward enough already. haha.

 Hope you love them~