Grow with Me! 

Let's get you where you want to be! 

I've spent the last 5 years going through trials and errors + learning on my own how this industry works and all the technical aspects of photography.  I would love to share my knowledge with you to help you grow in this awesome career! 


$175 - Let's chat! 

  • Two hours (ish, I like to talk a lot) Online skype meeting or local coffee/cocktail hang for you locals. 
  • Ask me ANYTHING.  From workflow >  bookkeeping >  editing > gear + client interaction.  
  • Always a text away from answering any questions you may have! 

$400 - Let's Shoot!

  • One hour shoot with me guiding you through and teaching as we shoot a real couple.  
  • Location + couple of your choice. 

$500 - From start to finish! 

  • Shooting + Workflow + All the questions! 
  • An hour shoot with a couple of your choice, followed up with culling, editing sesh, + any other questions you have.  


 ++ Shoot me an email and let's do this!++